Circular Smartwatches : The most awaited wearable of today


The release of Android Wear, the customised OS for smartwatches by Google was a sudden surprise for all, but what was a bigger and better surprise for the techies was the circular or round smartwatch being developed by Motorola, the Moto 360. Motorola wants to provide the consumers with the looks and feel of a traditional wrist watch, but with the power of Google!!

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Now let’s talk about another most awaited and hyped smartwatch, the iWatch by Apple Inc.
With the news of a smartwatch in the works, Apple has been the center of focus for us as well.
A recent article from Technobuffalo suggests that the iWatch is also on the list of soon launching products and would house a circular display quite similar to Moto360 and might also support wireless charging, as speculated.

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And the most recent update on the smartwatch front is from the Taiwanese giant, the manufacturer of the best smartphone of 2013 hTc.


TK Tech News of China reports and has proof of the existence of what is to be called the hTc One Wear. As the images in the article suggest that this smartwatch also has a circular watch screen and would run the Android Wear OS.

As it can be seen in the images that there are three icons, first one being a contacts or file manager, the second being the music app and the third a camera lens icon.
The images seem unusual due to the square image,but hoping its very real, we are waiting for a formal announcement by hTc soon.

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SOURCES: TechnoBuffalo, Moto360, Slashgear
via: TK Tech News


Samsung planning a low-end KitKat phone, terrified of the Moto E

Samsung’s next release to compete with Moto E

Motorola Inc. (a Lenovo company), has been quite straight-forward with its strategies and have hence put out some spectacular devices like the Moto X or the Moto G. The two devices were a great overhaul from the Motorola RAZR or DROID device line, incorporating simplicity and creativity in them. Being a part of Google, Motorola became more focused to provide better solutions to the masses, catering to the needs of all. And now, since they are a part of Lenovo, nothing has changed and we have amongst us another beautiful phone the Moto E (the budget/economic smartphone), costing only $130(in USA) or Rs. 6999/-(in India).

But this doesn’t end here!! Am not here to just praise Motorola, but this device catered to bring a Smartphone to the people has now started a dog fight amongst all leading brands to put out their devices to compete with it. First to join this race was the Indian Manufacturer, Micromax who put out two new phones, the Unite 2 and Engage, costing just $130 and $109 respectively. Next to follow was another Indian company Lava, who put out the X1, with similar or better specs as compared to Moto E. They both corrected the drawbacks of this device including a flash on the rear and a front-facing camera to attract the masses to their products.

Thus, Samsung is also rumored to join this budget smartphone race and put out an Android Kitkat running budget phone quite soon in the market, trying to compete with all other alternatives available, especially the Moto E. Samsung believes that they haven’t quite focused on the budget segment lately (bcoz of Galaxy S5, maybe!! 😛 ), but is now fully devoted to put out some good devices as it is a growing market in the East-Asian countries like India and also Europe.

So we do expect devices like the Galaxy Y or Galaxy Star from Samsung in the near future. Do you think Samsung will launch a better device than Motorola?  Please comment your thoughts down below.