Nokia a.k.a Microsoft Mobile future plans leak!!


Today the famous site @evleaks has put out an article titled “Nokia,2014 and beyond” stating the future of Nokia and what more products and software updates we anticipate in the coming times.

Saying in brief, after providing WP 8.1 to all of its userbase, Nokia plans on launching more lumia devices with codenames ranging from Superman/Tesla to Mclaren. So follow the link below and read the article by @evleaks

CLICK HERE to read the article.

And comment down, about what you think of Nokia’s future under Microsoft?


Good news Lumia users, Windows Phone 8.1 update due soon

Nokia’s plans to update it’s lumia series to the current Windows Phone 8.1 is finally out.

Speculated update release dates

Since the Microsoft Developer Conference, we have been waiting for the WP 8.1 update and it is now just around the curb. @evleaks has recently posted a chart showing the speculated release dates for the update of the cyan colored lumia devices. Lumia 630,635,935 came preloaded with WP 8.1, while other lumia devices could run a beta version until now. But now older lumia devices are receiving the official update soon by the end of this month( for exact dates refer to chart).

Source: @evleaks