iOS 8 bid to be shown at WWDC’14


Apple fans be ready to be overjoyed, one because Apple’s WWDC 2014 will be aired live online this year and secondaly iOS 8 is bid to be shown off at the conference starting on June 2 in San Fransisco.

As a recent rumor suggested that iOS 8 isnt ready for launch due to incomplete split-screen feature( already available in Android) but a banner put up at Moscone Center doesnt say so, rather it has a huge 8 written on it, which indicates only towards the iOS line-up, as no other software requires an update to that number, as we all might know.

Now, the only fact we know Apple would be incorporating in iOS is the healthcare center for fitness fanatics, while no other leaks have been reported. It all depends on the creativity of the Apple design team, whether they can modify the OS UI for good.

Now, just two later we will see what Apple has in the box for us.Hope you all are excited as well.

Comment down what you think of iOS 8 and what other features might we see at WWDC’14?

SOURCES : macrumors