#selfie Internet Takeover

I came across this awesome article on the internet, telling all about the selfie revolution in form of spectacular set of pictures, with information and demographics.
It also lists down the top stars on the basis of the number selfies on their Twitter or Instagram accounts, so go and read this nice work by Huffington Post here


Design Changes and Back to Work

Hey guys,
I know I have been gone for a long time, but now am back(most probably 😛 ) and i will again be putting out great materials worth reading for all of you..!!

As you can already notice, Its Gadgeteer has got a facelift from the old and boring theme to this new sweet and sexy red theme. And now you all can expect me to write more stuff soon and meet your cravings for the latest tech news around 😀

New Post comes soon, till then go around and follow me on Twitter or Instagram