iOS 8 bid to be shown at WWDC’14


Apple fans be ready to be overjoyed, one because Apple’s WWDC 2014 will be aired live online this year and secondaly iOS 8 is bid to be shown off at the conference starting on June 2 in San Fransisco.

As a recent rumor suggested that iOS 8 isnt ready for launch due to incomplete split-screen feature( already available in Android) but a banner put up at Moscone Center doesnt say so, rather it has a huge 8 written on it, which indicates only towards the iOS line-up, as no other software requires an update to that number, as we all might know.

Now, the only fact we know Apple would be incorporating in iOS is the healthcare center for fitness fanatics, while no other leaks have been reported. It all depends on the creativity of the Apple design team, whether they can modify the OS UI for good.

Now, just two later we will see what Apple has in the box for us.Hope you all are excited as well.

Comment down what you think of iOS 8 and what other features might we see at WWDC’14?

SOURCES : macrumors


Samsung planning a low-end KitKat phone, terrified of the Moto E

Samsung’s next release to compete with Moto E

Motorola Inc. (a Lenovo company), has been quite straight-forward with its strategies and have hence put out some spectacular devices like the Moto X or the Moto G. The two devices were a great overhaul from the Motorola RAZR or DROID device line, incorporating simplicity and creativity in them. Being a part of Google, Motorola became more focused to provide better solutions to the masses, catering to the needs of all. And now, since they are a part of Lenovo, nothing has changed and we have amongst us another beautiful phone the Moto E (the budget/economic smartphone), costing only $130(in USA) or Rs. 6999/-(in India).

But this doesn’t end here!! Am not here to just praise Motorola, but this device catered to bring a Smartphone to the people has now started a dog fight amongst all leading brands to put out their devices to compete with it. First to join this race was the Indian Manufacturer, Micromax who put out two new phones, the Unite 2 and Engage, costing just $130 and $109 respectively. Next to follow was another Indian company Lava, who put out the X1, with similar or better specs as compared to Moto E. They both corrected the drawbacks of this device including a flash on the rear and a front-facing camera to attract the masses to their products.

Thus, Samsung is also rumored to join this budget smartphone race and put out an Android Kitkat running budget phone quite soon in the market, trying to compete with all other alternatives available, especially the Moto E. Samsung believes that they haven’t quite focused on the budget segment lately (bcoz of Galaxy S5, maybe!! 😛 ), but is now fully devoted to put out some good devices as it is a growing market in the East-Asian countries like India and also Europe.

So we do expect devices like the Galaxy Y or Galaxy Star from Samsung in the near future. Do you think Samsung will launch a better device than Motorola?  Please comment your thoughts down below.

Apple acquires Beats Music for $3 billion, Dr. Dre finally billionaire

apple buys beats

Apple Inc. finally broke its silence and announced that they have met ground with Beats founder and famous rapper Dr. Dre and the deal has been sealed for $3 billion. As per the terms of the deal, we have already come to know the payment structure where $2.6B will be paid in cash, and the rest $400M in terms of equity.

This is the second biggest acquisition that Apple has ever made. The last being NexT which was undertaken to bring back ‘ Steve Jobs ’ back to Apple and to set it back on its rightful path of creativity( which has now been kinda lost!!? ) . CEO Tim Cook is satisfied with this deal and says that Beats will continue its operations independently providing music to all. He also reports that the Beats Music app wouldn’t be pulled out of the Android and Windows stores for good.

A lot of buzz and speculation has aired about this deal, about what benefit does Apple have by acquiring a radio streaming service, when they have their own ITunes service or from even the Beats Hardware division. As TechCrunch reports, Apple is influenced by the capability of the company to turn the free trial users to paid subscribers quite easily and they would now also have the expertise of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre on the executive panel too.

So, why do you think Apple bought Beats Music? For their streaming service, or their hardware services for producing headphones and quality sound gear (a rather new market for them)?

SOURCE:  TechCrunch

Click here for the full story on the Beats Electronics blog!!

LG G3 is revealed!! [ Poll ]

The LG G3 press event is finally over, and all the leaks were quite true!!
So this is a poll ,to know which device will you wanna pick next?

LG G3 is coming soon!! The all flagship killer

We are just hours away from the launch of the much awaited and rumoured flapship device by the Korean manufacturer LG.

LG G3 is the successor of the previous(2013) flagship, the G2.
See live stream of launch event today at 6pm(UK time),London on LG Global’s website(click here) and LG’s YouTube channel(click here).

This beast of a device is rumoured to support a 5.5″ inch QuadHD 2560x1440px(2k) display, powered by the Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.4 Ghz(it should be the 805 processor though!!?), 3GB of RAM and the latest version of Android Kitkat 4.4.2 out of the box. It has a similar but redesigned and flat power+volume key placement at the back as the G2. The G3 houses a 13 MP shooter with OIS+ and dual tone flash at the rear and also a mysterious sensor which is speculated to be a laser autofocus, providing a faster AF time compared to any other device.The front camera would be a 2.1 MP camera with improved ‘Selfie’ mode.


Even LG’s hand is all itchy to show off their new device that they are unable to keep leaking or showing off teaser videos, boasting their wonderful phone. The G3 also has some software enhancements, one called the QuickCircle, which also has an added accesory and another the SmartNotice, which would be a personal assisstant, as said in the leaks.

Now, we all need to wait and see if all the leaks and rumors hold true and the spec sheet matches the launch!! The LG G3 will be available in three colours – Grey,Black and white.

Final specifications to be updated after the launch event.

What do you think of this beastly device??
please leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Sources: @evleaks, Technobuffalo